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TUF-Thriving Under Fire

Thriving Under Fire (TUF) is a training programme to help people deal with difficult people.

  • We have worked with hundreds of people since 1999
  • We understand the challenges people face when dealing with difficult people
  • Experiential learning helps participants feel what it is like to be heard and understood
  • People’s real life examples of difficult situations become the subject of the workshop
  • Principles and communication models are taught with these examples in mind
  • People practice what they learn and develop new thinking, feeling and acting in dealing with difficult people
  • Following the training, often the ‘difficult’ people are no longer difficult


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Delivering TUF

  • TUF began as a face-to-face training programme and continues to be effective
  • It is delivered in different sectors and different levels of organisations
  • Over the years similarities emerged around difficult people
  • In 2013 TUF online was launched for a wider audience
  • The online format is proving very popular
  • Please explore this website to find out more about the TUF programme


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Contact us to discuss ways that TUF could help you or your organisation.