Ahmed W. Bari

BSc & MSc (both 1st class), MBA (UK), DIM (Canada)
Bangladesh business partner

Based in New Zealand, Ahmed has nearly 20 years experience in Marketing, HR and Management with leading organizations in different countries. He has successfully worked in short-term assignments as coach, trainer, researcher and consultant for organizations in his home country of Bangladesh and abroad. For the last 10 years he has conducted more than 350 Life Skill / Career Planning sessions all over world and has made a positive impact on thousands of lives. Having a strong presentation personality, education, knowledge and skills in Career Counselling & Job Interviews makes him popular in academic institutions, private sectors organisations, job web portals and NGOs who promote human resource development. He is the founder & lead coach of Life Skill Coaching New Zealand and Executive Director of StepUP Foundation Bangladesh.

Ahmed loves to coach and counsel people for better living and is involved with different charity organizations abroad and at home helping children & youth to achieve their best in life.Visit StepUP Fonundation BDLife Skill NetworkLife Skill ClubCSD Clubpages in Facebook to know more of Ahmed and his work.