The TUF Story

The first TUF workshop

In 1999 staff at a bank branch in Auckland New Zealand weren’t coping with verbal abuse from customers, so they asked John Faisandier for help. He delivered the first TUF programme over two evenings and the results were immediate. Staff were more positive and confident with upset customers who now felt heard and understood.

A passionate focus on people, continuous research and evaluation, and a desire to be an innovative training provider has led to an award winning programme, an easily-readable book and an online format that is available for organisations and individuals.

The origins of TUF

When John Faisandier worked as the psychodrama therapist at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer Springs, N.Z. he encountered many angry people. When patients became upset they often shouted, punched the walls and stormed out of the room.

After a time John worked out that by staying calm himself and fully acknowledging the patient’s distress they would settle down and be able to continue the therapy work they had begun. This one significant action of acknowledging the person’s feelings has become the key to what is taught in the TUF programme. It has helped hundreds of people better deal with difficult people in their work and personal lives.