Why Choose TUF

Our expertise

We are specialists in the area of training people in dealing with difficult and emotionally-charged people—so you get the benefit of the best possible training in this field. This advanced communication training is a holistic approach to customer service (internal and external), emotional intelligence, and building resilience, where participants become more open to adopting new behaviours.

  • Strong theoretical base solutions

Content and delivery style rooted in theory which means there is integrity in the work we deliver.

  • We use action methods

Participants engage in a learning process relevant to them, focused on their learning needs

  • Blended learning approach

Training is tailored to the specific situations participants face.
All learning styles are catered for.
So participants get:

  • A new way of relating to all people that involves more than just techniques
  • Skills to increase engagement with colleagues, customers, and each other
  • The TUF way of preventing conflict from escalating
  • Skills that will improve internal communication
  • Training that has a strong focus on emotional health and safety
  • Training that supports physical safety principles and practices.