Generative learning process

Generative learning produces new thinking, feeling and action. People change their way of doing things because of the learning. This is contrasted with informational or academic learning which focuses primarily on thinking and provides new ideas which may or may not result in changed behaviour.

Generative learning ideal for adult learners

We use action learning with a strong theoretical base so that you develop and practice new behaviours in the workshop or between sessions in the online programme which means you have a better chance of integrating the learning into your work.

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  • We offer challenging interactions where you get to explore your own actions and reactions so that
    you can see for yourself those areas you want to change
  • We present much of our material in action in a non-threatening playful way so that you can engage in the learning in an open and inquisitive way with others. This means your relationships are strengthened and you have a practical experience of learning from others
  • We build on what you already know, acknowledging that, as an adult learner, you already have a wide range of experience and expertise. From this secure base we are able to focus on those areas that you don’t so easily practice in your work
  • As we challenge the way you interact with upset and difficult people we know we need to keep a sense of fun and lightness. There is a lot of interaction and enjoyment in this process
  • This is deep learning that is reinforced by practice. It is sustainable and generative in nature. Because of the methods used, you are able to integrate it into your own functioning and apply this learning in many other situations