Trained facilitators

You get the very best training in dealing with difficult people because we specialise.

Our highly skilled facilitators are:

  • Used to dealing with emotional expression
  • Familiar with adult learning situations

That means:

  • Difficult matters raised in the workshop can be dealt with effectively.
  • These interactions become opportunities to model what we teach.

Group size does matter

peole walking

With a maximum of 12 people per group each person gets personal attention in a supportive and challenging environment.

  • We work with participants’ experiences of difficult situations and assist them identify what they need to do differently.
  • We view customers as buyers who right now have a big problem which they can’t express in any other way. This means participants generate a more positive view of angry and aggressive customers.
  • We tailor the workshop material to address the kinds of difficult people you meet in your business.
  • For in-house workshops we incorporate your mission, vision and values and other customer service policy or training resources into our programme so that the TUF programme clearly supports your business goals.