The format

  • 15 chapters – provide various ways to deal with difficult people
  • Each chapter takes about 10 minutes – do them in short bursts with time to practice
  • Accessed from any computer or mobile device – complete at a time and place that suits you

The activities:

  • Practical exercises and activity for the workplace – increases uptake in learning
  • Interactive programme – which leads to self reflection and behaviour change
  • Simulated group – learner feels connected and is not relating only to the computer screen

The application:

  • Group members demonstrate new behaviours – learner can imitate and practice
  • Developmental programme – learner takes what they need right now
  • Supporting resources provided for individuals and teams


Hello John
I purchased your TUF online course and I’m really thrilled with it.
I’m particularly impressed with the pedagogically sound delivery and the overall high quality of the product.
I’m especially impressed as a colleague and I have looked at lots of courses from all over the world and we reckon yours is a stand out on all fronts. 

Warm regards

 Wendy Baker
New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre
Leaders in strategic coaching solutions


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