Chapter Contents

  • Introduction – Why focus on customer relations

If there were no customers there would be no business
Three things you need to do to grow a business (or organisation)
This book applies to every kind of enterprise – government departments, banks, local bodies as well as private retail businesses and cafes.

  • Chapter 1 – Customer satisfaction – your business survival

Meeting Sophie and her team
Sophie’s problems
Can you help?

  • Chapter Two – Why do we get so upset?

Fight or flight when attacked
Building on competence
Complex human beings

  • Chapter Three – Avoid getting hooked

Games people play
The drama triangle
The winner’s triangle

  • Chapter Four – Communicate well

Controlling parent
Adapted child
Adult ego states

  • Chapter Five – Staying Positive

Healing happens when we are accepted
I’m OK
You’re OK

  • Chapter Six – Changing your thinking

Be clear about what you do think
Your thinking determines how you react
Affirmations for positive change

  • Chapter Seven – Developing empathy through systems thinking

Understanding the whole picture helps
Using 3-D models
Their anger belongs to them

  • Chapter Eight – When customers go APE

Recognising the emotions
Strong emotions isolate people
Empathy builds relationships

  • Chapter Nine – Customers with mental health issues

Fear the most people have
More common than you think
You can relate well

  • Chapter Ten – Customers affected by drugs and alcohol

They still need service
How to say ‘No’
Liquor Licensing rules

  • Chapter Eleven – Serving refugess and migrants

Previous experiences may include trauma
Be patient
English language could be a problem

  • Chapter Twelve – Dealing with your feelings

Sharing feelings with another can help
Listen without judging
Tune in to the other’s feelings

  • Chapter Thirteen – Caring for your body

Our bodies store up tension from difficult moments
Breathing can help relaxation
Physical movement is great for de-stressing

  • Chapter Fourteen – Beware of Escalation

Sometimes something extra is required
What to do when people really blow