TUF Approach

angry CEO

Everyone wants to be acknowledged

People are ‘difficult’ because somehow they feel that what is important to them is being ignored. Their distress may come from things that have happened that day and have roots in previous events in their life, some of which are beyond their conscious awareness.

They may communicate their distress in angry or aggressive ways as if their very life depended on it.

Whatever they do or say they still need to be acknowledged if you want to continue doing business with them.


Learn to acknowledge ‘difficult’ people. boss shouting

You can learn how to respond to ‘difficult’ people when they are upset, distressed and emotional.

In this programme you will build on what you already have worked out about managing challenging situations in your life.

The training is based on sound theoretical principles and years of practical experience of working with angry people and training front line staff, team members and managers.

These practices work for just about all people and situations apart from the very few people in the world who are thoroughly bad and nasty!