Strategic Alignment

Achieve your strategic goals with TUF

Two essentials for achieving business outcomes:

  • Efficient internal communication – team work
  • Appropriate external communication – responsiveness to customers

Emotions are present in every difficult situation. Lack of knowledge and skill about what to do seriously affects business outcomes. TUF upskills your workforce to engage with colleagues and customers, especially when emotions could threaten to hijack projects, efficiency or sales.

TUF solutions: In-house or Online Learning

In-house workshops

  • Two half day workshops supported by online learning for 12 months
  • Tailored to each group’s learning needs and specific situations
  • Proven results that will impact organisational cultural and engagement
  • Written, face-to-face, and telephone interactions
  • The flagship TUF programme, developed and refined over 14 years

On-line learning

  • The innovative online learning programme uses the latest technology and learning principles
  • Developed from over 14 years of face to face training, research and evaluation
  • Customisable, cost effective, flexible and engaging
  • Will upskill your staff and support them to apply the learning in the workplace

Course content includes

  • Understand and respond to the other person – especially when they are upset
  • Manage your own emotions when faced with challenging people and situations
  • Emotional and social intelligence awareness
  • Skills and knowledge training
  • Real life examples with modelling and practice


Our experience:

  • We have worked in many different sectors
  • The programme adapts to a whole range of people within organisations – from laborers to senior management teams.
  • We know how to listen to your specific requirements
  • We adapt the programme to suit your situation
  • We deliver in an appropriate way so learning is applied at work.
  • We specialise in how people think, feel and communicate
  • We can improve your business relationships with anyone.

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