How Safe is your Workplace? Looking Past the Hard Hats and Hi-Viz.

Workplace Health and Safety Stress Management

Health and wellbeing are significant factors in a productive and successful enterprise. Retiring CEO Chris Till wrote in The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) Spring 2017 edition the institute’s magazine quoting Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer from Standford Graduate School of Business. He said the Professor Pfeffer reported that;

“work was now the number one source of stress, that stress was the biggest cause of chronic illness and that chronic illness constituted 74 percent of all illness.”

Professor Pfeffer stated that we are killing people for no good reason and that we need to measure health and wellbeing, call out “social polluters”, introduce targeted policies, recognise that there are few to no trade-offs in this quest for health and that we should prioritise human health, well-being and sustainability.

But why are we so stressed?

One of the greatest causes of stress in the workplace is the inability of people to handle emotional situations well. Few workers have the capability to respond to others when they are all under pressure. These are skills that can be learned.

Workplace Stress Training

TUF: Thriving Under Fire can equip your staff to handle difficult situations effectively and ensure minimal negative emotional impact on them and their colleagues. After the TUF programme, your staff will be confident and in charge of situations and your workplace will be a safer and emotionally healthier environment.

Health and Safety is much more than hard hats and Hi-Viz.

The TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme enables your staff to:

  • Acknowledge the difficulty of working with upset and difficult customers, patients and guests
  • Learn skills for responding to upset people
  • Engage in effective debriefing and de-stressing activities
  • Maintain their own emotional well-being

Companies have used TUF to ensure their staff have adequate skills for dealing with the emotional stress that comes from dealing with constant difficult people and extreme incidents of aggressive behaviour.

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