Assessing knowledge gained

Knowledge gained in the TUF programme is an important step in the process of staff acting differently towards difficult people. For the TUF programme this level of learning is not a goal in itself as it may be in a more academic learning situation.

Informal assessments

We use a number of informal ways to gauge and reinforce the concepts and knowledge about dealing with difficult people.

One of the simplest and most direct in the workshops is to have people recount what they know, to use the language and concepts when talking about situations they are in. This works very well in the second session after participants have had a week to think and talk about the first session, when most of the concepts are introduced. This reporting in time is a useful way for the facilitator to assess the level of understanding of what was taught and to correct any misunderstandings.

Participants are encouraged to teach the communication models to someone else and that helps them integrate the learning and retain it.

After the workshop there are 12 follow up reminder email scenarios that recount important parts of the course. At the completion of each of these there is a quiz question that allows people to enter the monthly draw. These scenarios are popular and as well as getting the answer to the question we also receive written feedback about what people are learning from the programme.

Online programme quizzes

With the Online Programme, there are two quizzes included in the programme that encourage learners to recall information they have been taught in the preceding modules. We do not collate the results of these quizzes but people cannot move on until they complete these knowledge questions.