Immediate Results

Invariably participants or their manager will report at the beginning of the second session that “there haven’t been so many angry and upset people coming in over the past two weeks since our first session”. They pause a moment and say: “I guess the same people have been coming in, it’s just that I am different!”

Often people don’t realise the part they play in making the situation better or worse. The negative attitude or even fear that they have even before the customer says anything can influence what the customer says or does to begin.

The initial response from the staff person to a distressed customer also has a profound impact on what happens next. Will they get even more angry and make a scene or will they feel they have been heard, calm down and get on with the business they came to do?

It doesn’t take much for staff to make this small but vital change in their approach. We teach and reinforce this new behaviour in all aspects of the TUF course and the follow-up lessons.