Personal Benefits

Helen, who works in a bank call centre, came back to the second session and reported:

“I sat down with my 16 year old daughter after our last session and shared with her about what I had learnt. She told me she doesn’t really feel heard by me. At first this was hard to take, but I applied the principles we learnt and for the first time I really listened to her because I acknowledged her feelings. We ended up talking for nearly two hours! It was great!”

The TUF principles and practices improve all relationships, not just those at work. The benefits for a workplace are that staff are less stressed out because of things that happen at home and are better equipped to handle difficult people in all areas of their lives.

Another similar story from a manager who did the course was that the arguments at home stopped completely when he realized he was part of the ‘system’ and was contributing to them by not listening to his teenager. He talked to his family that night and they all began practicing the TUF way immediately. He reported that the household was a much more peaceful place and even the family dog calmed down within the week.