For frontline staff

Your particular needs catered for

Your staff members have distinctive needs. However often they have to cope with difficult and aggressive customers, they will appreciate the opportunity to participate in a customer service training programme that deals with the issues that they contend with.

Your staff will benefit in a personal sense and you will experience an increase in productivity in your business

TUF workshops

TUF for frontline staff

The TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme gives staff the understanding, skills and attitudes to deal effectively with customers who are distressed and aggressive. After completing the TUF customer training, your staff will have the confidence and the skills to remain calm and in control of their emotions during difficult interactions. And most importantly, your customers will get to be heard and feel understood.

For anyone who deals with the public

Staff who deal with the public – either face to face or by phone – have to contend with angry and aggressive customers.

The TUF customer training programme makes a huge difference for frontline staff who deal with difficult customers because it is practical and it is focused on your specific situation.

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