TUF for Managers

advanced communication skills

Are any of these ever a challenge to you and your managers?

  • Content for management development programme
  • Difficult conversations, saying ‘No’ nicely and dealing with disappointment
  • Managing the management team
  • Conflict in the workplace and coaching teams
  • Upset customers

Benefits of TUF for Managers

TUF for Managers is designed for managers and team leaders to learn techniques and develop resilience in handling even the most difficult situations you might be faced with.

  • Reduce your time worrying about staff
  • Increase your energy for developing your business
  • Enhance management capability

Built on the proven TUF: Thriving Under Fire system – you will gain skills and knowledge that will improve all your communication, not just with the difficult people.

This programme complements the TUF: Thriving Under Fire for Frontline Staff and TUF: Thriving Under Fire for Teams.

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