TUF for Teams

-sorting conflicts, building capacity

Does your team face these challenges?

  • Strong characters influencing group culture
  • Emotions dominating conversations
  • Giving and receiving feedback and apologisingHappy team
  • Personal issues affecting the workplace
  • Supporting one another through restructuring and change

Benefits of TUF for Teams

Through the proven TUF: Thriving Under Fire system, teams develop the ability to work with intensely emotional situations without getting distracted from their main purpose.TUF for Teams is designed for groups who face internal and external customer challenges.

They will spend:

  • less time worrying about each other’s faults
  • more time focused on their work and their strengths

The TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme works with the specific situations teams face in their actual workplace. The skills and techniques taught are practiced and applied through experiential learning methods that lead to real, sustainable change in people.

This programme complements the TUF: Thriving Under Fire for Frontline Staff and TUF: Thriving Under Fire for Managers.

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