Public workshops – learn with others

Do you prefer to learn in a live training environment?

The TUF Public workshops offer the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills to deal with any difficult situation
  • Engage with others in stimulating environment
  • Feel less isolated in your learning process
  • Get a different perspective on your own workplace
  • Network with others who face similar challenges


Benefits of the TUF Public workshop

The TUF Public workshop addresses issues from all three levels. Those attending bring challenges from frontline, team and  management contexts. The shared learning experience benefits everyone, increases insight, and leads to practical application  back in the workplace.

The public workshop gives you freedom to:

  • Explore issues away from work
  • Take a fresh look at all your communication challenges
  • Learn from others you don’t normally associate with


The topics of the workshop are determined by those attending. Participants often find it easier to trust people they don’t have to spend their normal working day with.

Public workshops are held most months in Wellington