Run your own TUF workshop

TUF Licensing Plan

The licensing model is so that large organisations can deliver the TUF programme to greater numbers of staff at a cost effective rate, using their own accredited people as facilitators.

Financial Benefits

  • Economies of scale savings for more than 100 staff – dramatic decrease in per person cost providing best value from training & development investment.
  • Savings can amount to up to 70 per cent of the TUF regular programme price.

Organisational benefits

  • Incorporate your organisational culture into the programme through customisation.
  • Link training materials to your vision, values and context and strengthen your communication with staff
  • Control of time frames and logistics to suit your own needs and organisational constraints.
  • Embed organisational knowledge into the programme
  • Participants appreciate that trainers understand the issues they face because they come from within the business.
  • Trainers stay motivated and appreciate their status within the organisation through accreditation which encourages and supports their personal and professional development.

Educational Benefits

  • TUF is a quality New Zealand-developed programme, designed and adapted for local conditions to which all participants can relate.
  • TUF has been developed from sound academic principles, which means that the learning experience and quality of outcomes is guaranteed to benefit all.
  • The TUF programme gives clients self-sufficiency, providing them with total control over all aspects of the learning experience.
  • The programme is suitable for all relationships, and staff can apply the knowledge learnt both to work and home situations. This gives added benefits to all participants as they improve their interpersonal skills.