Three stage process

TUF Workshop

A three-stage blended learning solution

1. TUF pre-course online learning module

This 15 – 20 minute module introduces the main tools and techniques you can use to manage difficult people well and helps you prepare for the workshop. Covering these theoretical concepts online leaves more time during the workshop to discuss and explore actual situations you encounter.

2. TUF workshop

The eight hour TUF Workshop builds on the concepts introduced online and provides opportunities for participants to talk about actual situations they face. Further concepts and tools are included and participants, through their interaction with one another, develop their ability to respond appropriately.

3. TUF follow-up and ongoing support

Over the next 12 months we send monthly email reminders of key aspects of the programme. These emails provide a link to specific web pages which offer scenario based learning and additional information on TUF topics to further cement the learning.

As you begin applying the TUF training in your workplace you use the new skills and knowledge on real customers. At any time for the following 12 months you can access support through a dedicated blog, to ask questions and receive coaching and encouragement.