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We’re keen that you get as much out of this course as you can.

Course length

The course has 15 parts, each containing one main topic. We suggest you do a few parts at a time and then practice the things you learn immediately. Try them out at work, with friends and with your family at home. Talk to others about the course, teach them new ideas that you have learnt and you will learn even faster yourself. It may even lead to better communication between you.

Course Scenarios

The examples we have used have been taken from real life situations that course participants have shared with us over the past 14 years. learn and lead

While some of the examples may not be exactly the same as you have in your work, we are confident that the principles and skills that would work in most situations are the same.

Feedback and follow up

When you have completed the course, or done as much as you intend to, please take a few moments to complete the Evaluation at the bottom of this course screen. Completing the Evaluation will allow you to access the TUF Follow-Up Series.


Hello John
I purchased your TUF online course and I’m really thrilled with it.
I’m particularly impressed with the pedagogically sound delivery and the overall high quality of the product.
I’m especially impressed as a colleague and I have looked at lots of courses from all over the world and we reckon yours is a stand out on all fronts. 

Warm regards

 Wendy Baker
New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre
Leaders in strategic coaching solutions


This course is by far the best De-escalation course I have seen –my congratulations to the people who put this together -it needs to be compulsory – with regular updates.

Greg West (Registered Nurse)
Acute Inpatient Service
Nelson Marlborough Health Service.
September 2017


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