Terms and Conditions

  1. TUF: Thriving Under Fire confirms that [The Client] has agreed to hold X TUF workshops on [Dates] for [training group].
  2. [The client] will provide TUF: Thriving Under Fire with names and email addresses at least one week (seven days) prior to the date of the first workshop session.
  3. All participants will be enrolled in the pre-workshop e-learning and the monthly follow up revision series for one year.
  4. Our associates, agents and all staff keep confidential all information received in carrying out this programme. 
  5. The fee is $xxx plus GST per person. The minimum charge for a workshop is 8 people or $x,xxx plus GST.
  6. All prices are quoted exclusive of GST
  7. [The client] provides the training venues, venue set-up and refreshments in consultation with TUF: Thriving Under Fire
  8. TUF: Thriving Under Fire will invoice prior to the first session of the workshop.  Payment is due within seven days.

    TUF: Thriving Under Fire cancellation policy
  1. Cancellations must be in writing to admin@tuf.co.nz.
  2. Cancellations received more than 5 days before the booked dates incur an administration fee of 25%.
  3. Cancellations within 5 working days of event or a ‘no show’ on the day incurs a 100% charge.
  4. Where applicable all travel, accommodation and incidentals will be reimbursed to TUF.
  5. You may send a substitute if anyone is unable to make the workshop dates.
  6. This policy applies to public and in-house bookings.