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We have taken the essence of the TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme and put it into a highly interactive eLearning format. We can offer personalised and tailored online training that will help your staff gain skills to deal with emotions, at work and at home, in relation to other people and to themselves.


    The TUF Solution

    The Thriving Under Fire programme can help.

    We can offer personalised and tailored online training that will help your staff gain skills to deal with emotions, at work and at home, in relation to other people and to themselves.

    These emotions are becoming more of a problem at work, with the stress of the two-year pandemic increasing and people’s ability to cope diminishing. There are reports in the media most days of incidents that are disturbing; where customers are abusive, angry, and unreasonable.

    The TUF training will help your staff to manage encounters with angry and aggressive customers. Your staff will also be able to manage misunderstanding and conflicts that can arise between workmates when everyone is under these increasing pressures.

    Whether your staff are at work or stuck at home, we can give them training that is both personal and tailored to your business situation. The personal online engagement they will have with our trainers will be an opportunity for them to learn new skills: to deal with the distressing emotions that can arise when under pressure at work or while isolated at home. At the same time, they gain important skills to bring to the workplace for resolving conflicts, de-escalation and managing emotions.

    Benefits from this training

    Staff will gain and/or improve skills to:
    • Deal with their own reactions to stress during and after challenging encounters
    • Manage customer interactions better: face-to-face and online
    • Handle the inevitable conflicts that arise with workmates in the workplace
    • Improve communication in all areas of their life, even those outside of work

    The benefits to your business or organisation:
    • Staff can appropriately engage with customers in their distress to de-escalate situations.
    • Greater customer loyalty because they have been understood
    • Staff recover more quickly after distressing incidents; less time wasted calming people down
    • Isolating staff feel supported and more willing to engage in the work on return
    • Improve internal communications; less wasted time spent sorting misunderstandings
    • Train staff without taking excessive time out of the business
    • Grow the emotional intelligence (EQ) of your staff (greater EQ = greater productivity, satisfaction and staff motivation)
    • Increase staff loyalty and retention because they know you invest in their welfare

    How do we do this?

    TUF online professional development programme outline

    The TUF Online Training Modules Content

    Module 1 – Introduction

    1. Your current ability and what you want to learn.
    2. Complex human communication – understanding yourself and others.

    Module 2

    1. When the other person goes APE – how to respond using A.P.E. principle
    2. The brain under fire – simple neuroscience explained and applied.
    3. Understanding human dynamics – the Drama Triangle and the Winner’s Triangle.
    4. Reviewing your learning.

    Module 3

    1. Feelings – how they affect you and others. Developing empathy.
    2. The ‘OK Corral’ – staying positive about yourself and others.
    3. Communication dynamics – how Parent, Adult, Child ego states change communication.
    4. De-escalation – what to do when they don’t calm down.

    Module 4

    1. Challenging groups – working with special needs, those affected by drugs and alcohol.
    2. Understanding different cultures – considerations for migrants and refugees.
    3. Keeping yourself safe – what to do when things become threatening.
    4. Looking after yourself – debrief emotionally, alter your thinking, and take care of your body.
    5. Final review and quiz

    Learning Support

    We will courier to each person’s home or workplace:

    • TUF workbook
    • Quick Reminder Guide
    • The book Thriving Under Fire: Turn difficult customers into business success by John Faisandier

    About Thriving Under Fire

    Our mission

    We help people manage emotions at work and in life generally.

    We want workplaces to become more effective and more satisfying places to work because workers are more resilient.

    We do this through face-to-face and online training options that give people the skills to deal well with angry, aggressive, and upset customers or colleagues, and de-escalate challenging emotional situations.

    Thousands of people have done the course since 1999

    • We understand the challenges people face when dealing with difficult people
    • Scenario-based learning helps participants feel what it is like to be heard and understood
    • Real-life examples of difficult situations become the subject of the training
    • Principles and communication models are taught based on the learners’ own experiences
    • People practice what they learn and develop new thoughts, feelings, and actions in dealing with aggressive behaviours while also becoming more resilient
    • Following the training, often the ‘difficult’ people are no longer difficult

    Investment – $720 per person (Plus GST)

     Call John Faisandier now for more information:

    027 246 0411 or email john@tuf.co.nz


    TUF Online Training – Testimonial

    “I purchased your TUF online course and I’m really thrilled with it.

    I’m particularly impressed with the pedagogically sound delivery and the overall high quality of the product. 

    I’m especially impressed as a colleague and I have looked at lots of courses from all over the world and we reckon yours is a stand out on all fronts.”

    —Wendy Baker | Director | New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring

    “This course is by far the best de-escalation course I have seen – my congratulations to the people who put this together -it needs to be compulsory – with regular updates.”

    —Greg West | Registered Nurse | Acute Inpatient Service | Nelson Marlborough Health Service


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