Increase in aggressive customers starting already

I’ve been contacted by several businesses in the past two weeks worried that their staff will be faced with more aggressive customers required to show vaccine passes.

Aggressive customers can be very difficult to handle. They can be very threatening even when they don’t mean to cause any physical harm. Staff experience increased anxiety, especially when they don’t know how to respond.

They need to learn to calm themselves down first so that they can respond to the aggressive customer. This is not natural for many people. It’s counter-intuitive. They are much more likely to react because of the fight/flight response. That’s why we teach people how to calm themselves before they respond to the aggressive customer.

Vaccine passes: the cause of aggressive customer behaviour

In the coming weeks and months managing these moments where customers need to show a vaccine pass will be crucial to the well being of staff as well as the good name of the business. This requires staff to understand their own reactions without self-criticism or self-doubt.

Once they can manage their own reactions they have a better chance of responding well to the aggressive customer.

Training for dealing with aggressive customers

Thriving Under Fire is ready to provide training for small or large businesses. Investing time and budget in this training is what smart businesses are doing. There are several options for delivery. The best options involve experiential learning that encourages both attitude and behaviour change.

The more attention you give to helping staff deal with aggressive customers the more confident they will be for dealing with these challenging moments.

Talk to us now about helping your staff deal with aggressive customers

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